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How to Screen Clients - Part Two

2 comments 23 May 2018

As promised, we’re back with part two on how to screen clients. We hope last week’s tips were helpful and that you kept safe doing what you love best.

We told you back then that the screening process has multiple advantages. Here’s a quick reminder: a screening process shows customers that you’re a pro, it keeps time wasters and scammers out of reach, and it protects you from abusive people. Then we walked you through the first three best methods to screen a client.

Let’s see what other ways there are to check whether a customer is worth your time and effort or if you should meet another one instead!

4. Ask another companion

You’ll be hard pressed to find escorts willing to tell you if they’ve had nasty encounters with clients. However, if you want to try this method, make sure you know how to interact with them. If you’re too pushy, their lips will remain sealed. Establish a connection and make them feel comfortable, then ask them if person X or Y was abusive, a scammer, a time waster, and so on.

In case you’re already friends with several providers, ask them for help in identifying those people you need to stay away from. If you’re not close to other companions, look for forums and discussion boards online for guidance.

5. Use an online mapping app

There are many such services online, but the best by far is Google Maps. Type in the address your client provided, and you’ll see whether the neighbourhood is safe or not. Do you see hotels, restaurants, blocks of flats, and so on in the immediate vicinity? Accept the booking and have fun! Does the street look shady? Better stay away.

6. Ask about their job

If a potential client shies away from telling you where they work, it doesn’t necessarily mean they want to waste your time. Many people are very private about their jobs. This tip is directed more at those of you, dear escorts, who want to feel 100% safe about who they’re going out with. Being paranoid is OK, especially in this day and age. Find a job portal online, type in the name and phone number of the customer and see if they’re who they claim to be. If it doesn’t work, call their work number and see if they themselves pick up or another person does it.

7. Listen to what your instinct tells you

As soon you have a guy’s or a lady’s phone number and email, break the ice by texting them to get a feel of what they’re like. Do you sense that something’s off with them? Trust your gut, it’s almost never wrong. Stay away from that man or woman and look for someone else to spend time with.


That’s all from us on how to screen a client. Let us know in the comments section below if we can help you with other tips or information on this topic. Good luck and, as always, stay safe!

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scandinavianhottie: 25 May 2018, 04:47

Excellent information. Any advice is always appreciated . also if you have their correct ip address when they contact you You can locate them easily and see if it matches up with what they tell you.
scandinavianhottie: 25 June 2018, 10:21

Fortunately now most providers will let you know if a guy has been a problem. after the new law has been passed lady's are starting to come back together as a community and most providers who are pros will give you a reference wither the guy is safe or to stay away!
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