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Travel Escorts - The Cannes Film Festival

no comments 17 Apr 2018

Be sure to make place in your agenda for this year’s Cannes Film Festival! One of the most glamorous events of 2018 is fast approaching, dear escorts. It’s going to take place May 8-19 in the fascinating city of Cannes. The stunning French Riviera will be packed with rich and ...

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How to Get Stellar Reviews Part 2

2 comments 12 Apr 2018

When you receive a great review for a job well-done, things change for the (much) better. You will be approached by more clients than usual, which means that pretty soon you’ll turn into one of the most popular escorts in town. Not too long ago, we tackled the subject of ...

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How to Get Stellar Reviews Part 1

no comments 30 Mar 2018

The day you read your first stellar review in an escort directory will be imprinted on your brain forever, dear escorts. It’s going to fill you with so much happiness and make you go “Wow, would you look at that… I made this guy’s day!” or “So cool, this lady ...

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Tips and tricks for travel escorts

no comments 16 Mar 2018

Have you ever wanted to travel the world, go on luxurious shopping sprees, and spend the night in a 5-star hotel with a generous gentleman or lady? You can become a travel escort and join clients on their business trips to exotic locations where they’ll spoil you rotten. Booking a ...

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A list of popular BDSM words - Part 2

no comments 08 Mar 2018

  Not too long ago we talked about BDSM and the most popular words used for this practice. Remember what they were? If you don’t, we’re here to remind you: Submissive and Dominant, safe word, top and bottom, dungeon, bondage, B&D, S&M, and CBT. We promised we’d return with part two ...

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