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2018 styling tips for trendy escorts

no comments 05 Jan 2018

If you want to attract new clients and stay active and present in the escorting world, you constantly must reinvent yourself, keep you style up to date, make styling changes and know what’s in and out when it comes to make-up, hair and fashion. This way, you have more chances of entering the world ...

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5 tips to avoid getting the flu, this busy escort season

no comments 27 Nov 2017

Staying healthy and being full of vitality is extremely important during the busy winter season, because the booking requests are plenty and so are the plans for sexy getaways in spa and ski resorts. So, do your best to stay healthy and keep the nasty winter colds at bay, by following the tips below ...

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How’s your date in bed according to his zodiac sign!

no comments 21 Nov 2017

Tell me your zodiac sign, to tell me what kind of lover you are! If you are an astrology enthusiast, this is a good way to filter your clients, based on their sexual skills. As an elite escort, dealing with different types of men is part of the job, that’s way, ...

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Sex toys for happy escorts.Try them all!

no comments 13 Nov 2017

Ladies, because we know that you always put your clients first and you always look for new ways to spice up your erotic encounters and dates, today we come with something that is created just for you and for your exclusive pleasure: the sex toys that were especially designed to give you amazing orgasms, ...

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Tips on staying healthy while having a busy, dating schedule!

no comments 07 Nov 2017

Having a successful escorting business also comes with a hectic work schedule and no free time for yourself. But, while during the sunny, summer days, having a busy daily agenda can work for you, because you have different resources that provide you with the energy required – like the sun light, the multitude of ...

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