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SAD or DEPRESSED? Don’t worry, you might have the SUMMER BLUES!

no comments 09 Aug 2017

Yes, the summer blues are really a thing and while we let ourselves drown in chores, deadlines, schedules, dates and social media, the summertime blues becomes more and more a reality that many of the ones around us are facing. We are used to associate the feeling of sadness, emptiness and depression with the ...

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From client to something more. How to politely refuse a date!

no comments 01 Aug 2017

You are finding yourself in the awkward situation when a client, or maybe a regular wants something more from you and he asks you out on an actual date? You want to refuse him in a polite manner, without hurting his feelings or even turning him mad or making him frustrated? Here are some ...

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Should you accept having sex with a disabled person?

1 comment 28 Jul 2017

People with disabilities are also entitled to great sex, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself being contacted by a physically disabled client and asked if you can also offer your services to him. If you are up for it, congrats, but if you don’t have it in you, be sure to reject ...

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5 fetishes most likely to be asked for in bed!

no comments 14 Jul 2017

Clients are often unpredictable, especially when they know you as an open minded, free-spirited lady, ready to expand your intimate boundaries and try new things in bed. So, don’t be surprised when your client comes and asks you to help him fulfil some of his naughtiest fetishes. Everyone has a fetish, even the most ...

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Should I retire from being an escort? Here are a few signs to consider!

1 comment 04 Jul 2017

When working as a professional escort for a long time, knowing when it’s time to retire can be hard, especially when you have such hectic lifestyle, with an extremely busy schedule, numerous trips abroad, events and new dates. But the signs are out there, you just have to take your time and understand them. ...

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