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Why do hobbyists prefer the girlfriend experience more than sex?

no comments 02 Oct 2017

We live in a society that feeds us a lot of myths and wrong ideas about men, women, the relationship between those two and sex in general. And one of those misconceptions is the fact that men prefer to have sex, while women are the ones that are more inclined towards love making. But, ...

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5 most common EscortBook questions, answered!

no comments 29 Sep 2017

When it comes to choosing a website provider, especially in the escorting industry, is always important to be perfectly informed, to know all the pros, to find out about the competition, and what does it do for their clients, escorts or agencies and so on. Being informed helps you choose the perfect service that best ...

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Transition from summer to autumn, NO depressions included!

no comments 15 Sep 2017

Transitioning from the sunny, happy and relaxed summer days where all you could think of was where to spend you next week-end, which roof-top party to attend or what outfit to wear to that cool beach party, to the gloomy autumn days could be pretty hard for all of us, especially for you dear ...

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Myths about life as an escort!

no comments 05 Sep 2017

There are all kind of misconceptions and myths about how the life of an escort really is.  Many like to think about it as they have seen it in “Pretty woman”, the chance for a poor, honest woman to know a nice, hopefully rich, man that will fall in love with her and give ...

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Increase your bookings, with the right website content!

no comments 30 Aug 2017

Having a website is just not enough in this highly competitive escort industry. Your website must pop, must have creative texts, proper key words, relevant and easy to read content on each page and your full contact details, so that your potential clients know how to get in touch if they want to book ...

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