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Sex practices from porn, you should not try with your clients!

1 comment 01 Feb 2017

We all watch porn and we are impressed by the amazing stamina, positions practiced and performance of the porn stars, but while some of the moves seen in porn can be great to replicate in bed, others are simply unhygienic and have nothing to do with real sex in real ...

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How to avoid burnout, as a pro escort!

4 comments 06 Jan 2017

Working as a professional escort is a full-time job, often involving no personal free time, holidays or vacations, especially when you’re at the beginning of your career, trying to build your reputation and make a name for yourself. That’s why it’s so important to know how to maintain a balance ...

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Etiquette Guide for the New Year’s Eve Party!

no comments 29 Dec 2016

Learn how to talk, dress and behave to attract the right clients! You are busy bee, working on New Year’s Eve? In that case, if you are entertaining a client on a sexy getaway, or you are accompanying your regular to a fancy New Year’s Eve party, there are ...

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Top Sex Toys of 2016

1 comment 23 Dec 2016

This year, an abundance of sex toys has flooded the market, from naughty butt plugs to dildos and vibrators in all sizes and colors. But not all of them are worthy of our attention. Here is a short list of some of the most useful, interesting and efficient products ...

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Adult Only Destinations To Party On The New Year’s Eve

no comments 15 Dec 2016

December is a hectic month for all escorts, so why don’t you spoil yourself a little at the end of a full, busy year, with a party to remember?! Some of you may be all alone these holiday, your regulars being too busy with their families, parties and friends, while ...

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