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6 Ways to Deal with Photo Theft

2 comments 29 Aug 2018

Imagine you’re browsing the Internet and you come across one or more of your photos on an escort website. Problem is, the name of the guy or girl is different than yours. They mention another home city, their phone number is not the one you use, and so on. Well, ladies and gentlemen, you just discovered a fake account of a provider who stole your pics without your consent.

You manage to get over the shock eventually and you decide to do something about it. Question is: can you really solve the problem? In general, dealing with this type of cybercrime is very time-consuming and frustrating. Instead of concentrating on your bookings, you have to stay home and find a way to retrieve your pics.

Fortunately, there are ways to prevent having your personal photos and videos stolen and used without your permission. Here’s what you can do about it!

1. Get in touch with the website

Stay on the site where you found your photos and look for the Contact page. Shoot them an email and tell them that your images were stolen by an impersonator. Next, say that they should be take down. Remain calm and polite while you write all of this. Hit Send and wait for an answer but be prepared for no replies whatsoever.

You might even get an email back saying that, since your pic is on the Internet, anyone can use it without asking. Which brings us to our next tip.

2. Contact the webhost

If you receive a negative or even threatening email from that website, fill out a DMCA. This is short for Digital Millennium Copyright Act. It basically tells large web hosts like WordPress and Blogger that your personal content is not to be messed with. Once you’re done with the DMCA bit, your photos will be taken down at once. Problem solved!

In case the thief uses a social network instead, there’s a useful option to report any publications. Select it, then opt for one of these: violation of intellectual property or identity theft.

3. Opt for a watermark

Consider using one of these for your professional photos, dear escorts. The DMCA comes to the rescue once more with their watermarking tool, but there are other options, too. If you don’t want to use any of them, think of adding something unique to your pic, something that will make it hard to steal. Like a gold star or a cute cat placed in a strategic spot. You can even write your name on your photo.

4. Change your account’s security settings

Do you use social media platforms on the regular? You need to decide who you want to see your posts and selfies. Make sure they’re visible only to your clients. If a stranger has access to your photos, you can bet they’ll steal them in the blink of an eye and create a fake account on an adult site.

5. Get legal advice

Professional legal advice is a must if you deal with revenge porn or cyberstalking. We don’t want to alarm you, but these things can happen even to you. Defamation and voyeurism laws will help you find the culprit and he or she will be sent to jail for their actions.

Legal counsel if also useful if you want to receive money for the use of your images without your consent. Have you registered the photos with a copyright office? If yes, you can easily sue for damage. In case you haven’t, you will be limited to only actual losses. Your lawyer will tell you more about it.

6. Selfies and messages make a good team

Ready to go on tour in a certain city? Post real and recent selfies on your blog or social media platform, then add a short message. It should say something like “Meet me in Rome tonight, gentlemen 😉” As a rule of thumb, online thieves stay away from this kind of images and texts. Because they know they won’t be able to get away with it.


Do you have other tips and tricks on the subject of stolen photos? We can’t wait to hear from you 😊

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sexylisa: 3 September 2018, 10:50

I put watermarks on my photos but its a good idea to put a cat sticker or something like that on your photos as some websites you do put up ads with wont allow your name or phone number on them now. But this information on this blog is really helpful!
Tammy: 10 September 2018, 12:51

I mainly post selfies in "civilian" clothes on Social Media. If I think a pic could be used on an Escort site, such as a bikini or smart dress pic, I run it through Snapchat or Instagram first and add something personal in a place that makes it impossible to crop the photo
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