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8 Health Benefits of Semen

5 comments 08 Aug 2018

To swallow or not to swallow semen, that’s the question. Many of you probably don’t mind swallowing your partner’s sperm, but others most likely prefer to spit it because they think it’s disgusting or bad for your health. Guys love it when the women who suck them ingest their semen. They find it super hot and a sign that she’s enjoying herself. Plus, it’s an intimate gesture that creates a bond between the two participants in oral sex.

We’re here to tell those of you who don’t like to drink sperm all about the health benefits that come from swallowing it. Let’s begin.

1. It has anti-inflammatory properties

If you’ve been struggling with autoimmune disorders or chronic inflammation for many years now, semen contains the tools to keep them at bay. These are called TGF-beta, vitamin C, vitamin B12, potassium, zinc, magnesium, and the list goes on. Also, semen has more than 200 separate proteins and minerals. Quite the health cocktail, right? Instead of taking pills to elevate your vitamin levels and so on, how about you try swallowing your client’s semen for your next booking?

2. It contains Nerve Growth Factor

The Nerve Growth Factor, NGF in short, is essential for the survival, maintenance, and growth of our brains’ neurons. In other words: you’ll live a longer and healthier life, dear escorts. This important growth factor has also been found to help with fertility, if having a baby is on your to-do list in a few years.

3. It has lots of good hormones

Semen is amazing when it comes to the kind of hormones that many of us usually lack. Here are just some of them: cortisol, melatonin, oxytocin, estrogen, TRH, and progesterone. Many of these hormones are anti-inflammatory and they help get rid of anxiety. Not to mention that by swallowing semen, your day will become so much better thanks to its mood-enhancing properties!

4. It increases sex drive

Do you want to boost your libido without taking medicine? Consider drinking your date’s semen. The testosterone found in it helps increase your sex drive like no other. Once it’s absorbed via your vaginal walls or mouth, you’ll start to feel more and more aroused. Time to get the party started, ladies!

5. It prevents infections

Are you prone to lots of colds and other health problem caused by fungi and bacteria? Swallowing a guy’s semen will keep infections as far away from you as possible. That’s thanks to its proteins which are very good at fighting microbes.

6. It may keep you safe from cancer

There are several studies who claim that semen might keep breast cancer at bay by “not less than 50%.” Take this information with a grain of salt, ladies. However, if we go back and think about all those vitamins, proteins, and whatnot contained by semen, it might turn out to be true. Until some definitive tests are done and the findings are published, there’s no harm in swallowing semen just to be on the safe side, right?

7. It fights against depression

A recent survey says that women who used condoms only sometimes during oral sex had better moods and lower levels of depression than those who preferred to use protection all the time. The answer to that general level of bliss? The serotonin, TRH, prolactin, endorphins, progesterone, and oxytocin in semen. Oh, and let’s not forget the Nerve Growth Factor we mentioned earlier.

8. It helps with longevity

Like we said, the NGF in semen is one of the ways to live longer and healthier years. But there’s another factor which contributes to that: the spermidine in semen. This element can easily balance gene expression, thus making us live longer.


Ready to try swallowing semen on your next date? If it’s not your thing, that’s totally OK. In case you decide to give it a go, let us know if you see some changes in your mood and general health 😊




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sexylisa: 10 August 2018, 06:38

Except with all the diseases and infidelity out there this is the worst advise I have ever heard! In my other job my friend and I both have nursing degrees. Some men have some prostrate problems and some small amount of blood can be in this semen which can transfer HIV. Also you can get a host of other disease like papaloma virus, syphilis,ghonnareah, claymidia and herpes and many more. Possibly something should not be on here like this!
scandinavianhottie: 11 August 2018, 05:20

Is it a man that wrote this blog. Its pretty obvious. Actually this blog is insulting and as good for you as you say this is you are giving the worst health advise I have ever heard . In today's modern times with diseases you are opening your self up to a host of STD'S. It is treating companions as they are stupid people. Come on on these websites we are companions who are smart enough that exchanging bodily fluids in this business could ruin your life forever by catching a disease. Especially hepatitis which if you don't know you caught it and it damages your liver. also if you catch the right stain of papaloma virus you could get cervical cancer! It looks like someone is very unintelligent even having this blog up here and it is insulting to lady's who are companion/ escort/ models who strive to stay healthy and are intelligent human being who warn people about exchanging bodily fluids. Check with the center for CDC or health department!
Escortbook Admin: 13 August 2018, 12:08

Thank you all for your comments :) We know staying healthy is a priority for all escorts. Which is why we don’t recommend swallowing semen unless the clients who book you get screened for STDs and other life-threatening health problems. This blog post wasn’t written to insult anyone’s intelligence or to condone unsafe sexual practices. We just wanted to underline some general ideas based on scientific findings for companions interested in this topic. Our article is meant to encourage dialogue and an exchange of opinions based on each escort’s experience with the subject we tackled here. We are always open to advise and counterarguments :) To all newbie escorts out there: before you say yes to an encounter with a male or female client, ALWAYS ask for medical records that say he or she is 100% healthy.
sexylisa: 13 August 2018, 23:59

It does not matter if one or the other people even have papers saying they were healthy 2 days ago. They could have done something risky one day after their health report and caught something and not know and spread it. I am also a level one trauma nurse on my other job and I know. i deal with health issues on both jobs on a daily basis. No matter how healthy a piece of paper says you are one day the very next day a guy or girl could have done something that can cause them to catch something and then they are not healthy. I also was married to a sailor for years. I am well experienced in these issues. but if everyone was healthy and impervious to catching something that is the only way it would work. for the sake of argument my clients will not see a girl if she is one who will not use a condom for some things!
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