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How to Get Stellar Reviews Part 1

0 comments 30 Mar 2018

The day you read your first stellar review in an escort directory will be imprinted on your brain forever, dear escorts. It’s going to fill you with so much happiness and make you go “Wow, would you look at that… I made this guy’s day!” or “So cool, this lady thanks me for making her feel like a goddess.”

A great escort review is a powerful thing: satisfied customers will tell their friends about your A+ looks, flawless attitude, and phenomenal sex skills. Your agenda will be full in no time at all, trust us. However, if you wish to pass the test with flying colors, you’ll have to work for it. Nothing comes easily, and the same can be said about reviews. Worry not, we’re fully dedicated to helping you do everything that’s needed to become a hit with your clients.


1. Maintain a healthy skin and a toned body

You don’t have to be a size 0 to receive an excellent score on escort directories, forums, and so on. Just make sure you exercise 20-30 minutes four times a day, drink plenty of water, and eat healthy. Don’t waste nights in bars after you’re done with work and remember to sleep 7-8 hours a night.

Take naps in-between dates to feel refreshed. Also, read books, listen to music, go shopping with friends, or other activities that relax you. Use only high-quality make-up products and don’t forget to remove them before you go to sleep.

2. Dress appropriately for every occasion

Are you the classy and sophisticated type? Your choice of clothing during encounters should reflect that. Ladies, in case you’re a girl-next-door kind of companion, your outfit needs to show that. Gentlemen, are you the nerdy type? Dress appropriately and your client will love you for it.

To show your commitment to a successful booking even further, we recommend using the best perfumes available. Stay away from those scents that make people pinch their noses in disgust. Believe us, one whiff of something sickly sweet or too heavy will send them packing.

3. Have great conversational skills

Everyone likes a great communicator. Speak clearly over the phone and in person, watch your intonation, and commit as few grammatical errors as possible when exchanging text messages or emails. If you feel like your English, French, and so on isn’t quite good, you can enroll in a foreign language class.

Always return your client’s phone calls and give clear directions to your place. After a date is over, thank your customer for a great time. It might sound like a small gesture, but people will remember you and appreciate you even more for doing that.

4. Use real photos

How would you feel if you were a client who expected a bombshell or a hunk on their doorstep, only to see someone who looked nothing like their photos? You’d be disappointed, that’s for sure. To avoid earning negative reviews, upload your own pictures on your profile. It’s normal to not feel satisfied with our faces and bodies. Fortunately, there are many ways to leave a great first impression in the looks department. Be sure to see what works for you, then hire a professional photographer and have a session with them.

5. Be attentive to your client’s needs

Did your customer request something special from you when you meet? Grant their wish and wear those sexy stilettos and racy lingerie. Will you have a booking with a guy who loves roleplaying? Turn into a naughty schoolgirl or kinky nurse. Does your lady customer want you to wear nothing but a pair of red tight boxers and a tie in the same color? Her wish is your command, guys.


If the lady or gentleman who booked you doesn’t want anything extravagant from you, ask about their favorite treat in advance and bake it for them before the two of you see each other. Always have some sex toys close by, as well as plenty of drinks, snacks, and so on in your fridge.


Avoid being repetitive and boring or else your client will have a hard time getting a hard-on. Stand out from other escorts and you’ll earn more than one golden star in your customer’s books.

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