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How to Stop Vaginal Itching

4 comments 22 Aug 2018

Have you ever had moments where the area around your vulva and vagina itched a lot and you didn’t know how to make it stop apart from, well, scratching it? If you find yourself doing the latter absent-mindedly or not, stop. You’ll irritate the area even more.

This is a common problem for many women, but don’t worry: itching has to do with vaginal infections that can be treated. We put together a list of helpful tricks to follow when you’ll feel the urge to scratch your lady parts again.

See a doctor

Before you try to calm down your irritated vagina and vulva on your own, you should make an appointment with an obstetrician-gynecologist. Nothing beats a trained professional on this subject. The doctor you choose will have the correct diagnostic for you, then recommend the sort of treatment that will solve your itching.

With so many types of vaginal infections around, knowing which one you have will make it go away faster before inflammations kick in.

Cold compresses are your friend

In case you have to wait a couple of days for your doc’s appointment and you need something quick to alleviate the itching, place a cold washcloth around your vulvar region. If that doesn’t do it for you, try an ice pack with a towel around it. The coolness will make you feel better in a matter of minutes.

Look for other symptoms

Ob-gyns like it when a patient takes note of the symptoms he or she experiences during a particular health issue. The more, the better, because the doctor will then know how to approach the problem and what treatment to apply.

Which means that you need to take a closer look at your vulvar area whenever you have the time. In case the itching happens on the outside, look for rashes or sores. If the itching is on the inside, see if you have a discharge that smells literally like a fish. Should you experience one of those, don’t be quick to assume it’s a yeast infection. Your doctor will know better.

Go underwear-less

Taking off your panties or G-strings when you’re at home will feel awesome when you have an annoying itching down under. Opt for baggy clothes that will let your vajajay take a breath of fresh air. Besides, wearing confining underwear for hours on end is going to irritate your vulva and vagina more and more as each day passes. Go commando until you see your doc, it’s worth it!

Don’t listen to ads

There are so many gels and creams on the market claiming to solve your vaginal itching. Listen to professionals and stay away from them. It’s just cheap marketing and they won’t help in the long run. Quite the contrary: these products will irritate your lady parts even more.

These local anesthetics you see in ads are only meant to numb the pain temporarily. They won’t treat the kind of infection you really have. That’s for the obstetrician to solve.

See where your actual itch is

Many ladies complain about vaginal itches, but what they really mean is vulvar itching. It’s not at all the same issue. The external tissues which make the vulva include everything you have on the outside. Your love tunnel is something you can’t actually see, it’s on the inside of your body.

The next time you feel something starting to itch, figure out if it happens on the inside or the outside.


We hope our tips will be of help. Remember to always consult a professional if you have a health problem, dear escorts. Don’t listen to ads on the TV, the radio, or the Internet. An ob-gyn is your best friend 😊

Create an account or login to post comments 23 August 2018, 03:44

👍 pienamente d'accordo ,qualsiasi donna se sa ascoltarsi è già a metà della soluzione
sexylisa: 24 August 2018, 09:25

I have to say this website is unique. It is so cute that you put up these post to help these lady's out on such a wide range of subjects. It shows how much you guys care for the health and safety of the lady's. Thanks and good information by the way! Just one think to ad. Wearing panty liners keeps heat in and causes moisture to stay close to your body which can help bacteria stay close and set up infection also.
Escortbook Admin: 24 August 2018, 12:28

We appreciate each and any info that can come from you. We'll never know all the details and this is why we hope that a post will be only the start of ideas. In the end, we are a community and sharing info can only be useful for everybody, right? :)
nell: 5 September 2018, 19:12

I had last year a vaginal itching I discovered it was due to stress and I had to use baby wipes as soon as needed this problem gone and came any time of stress situation, disapeared the day after, I had to consult a doctor he founds me in excellent health, baby wipes with lotion not with cleansing milk mainly.
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