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The 5 best friends of an escort. Keep them close!

1 comment 16 Jun 2017

Being a professional companion means having a hectic schedule, crazy working hours, less family time and not so many friends, but you already know that. That’s why it’s extremely important to have some key characters in your life, to help and support you and ease the burden of such an intense profession. Knowing the right people at the right time is vital, especially when you are viewed as a high-class escort and your clients relly on you to offer them top, exclusive dating services.

So, having a few, trusted, go to “friends” is very important in this line of work. Here are 5 of the most important connections you must create, in order to have a little order in the chaotic escort lifestyle:

1.      A hotel concierge is always a good connection to have!

As an elite escort, conducting your business in high-rated hotels is part of the job. That’s why, having someone inside is very important if you want to avoid embarrassing situations, when you can be asked to leave the premises, if you’re being recognised as a companion.

Having a concierge friend helps you a great deal because you get to have access to the premises, you can benefit from room service discounts, valet parking and other perks. But, the most important thing of all is the fact that, by befriending a concierge you are the first recommendation that he makes when a high-profile guest asks for female companionship!

Also, we all know that when you want something fast – front row tickets to a game, a good table at a restaurant, tickets to a fancy event and so on, a hotel concierge is the person to go to. So, if you want to make a nice surprise to an old client, having a concierge friend can turn out to be pretty helpful.

2.      Make the gynaecologist your best friend!

Having a trusted gynaecologist that knows your entire medical background is vital when your hot body and health are the tool of the trade. So, make sure you find a great gynaecologist and you stick to it!

When you get intimate with multiple partners, getting regular check-ups is a must, because this way you make sure that your sexual health is in parameters. This is the reason why finding a good doctor that you can trust and that knows your medical history and your activity is extremely important. He or she will know why you need to do regular check-ups and what tests to perform so that you can keep your health in check.

3.      Find a good hairdresser and cosmetician and stick to them

Being an escort means always looking in top shape and always being ready for an unpredictable date or voyage. So, having a good cosmetician that knows how to make you look all slick and sexy and a hairdresser that knows how to do your hair, just the way you like it, is gold!

Those two will be your best friends and will surely see you more often than your family or friends. And knowing you and your likes and dislikes means you will not have to lose time explaining them about your sensitive skin or your favourite hairstyle. Two friends that will help you save time and money, my dear!

4.      A talented seamstress is hard to find!

You don’t always afford buying all the latest fashion clothes or purchase a fancy dress for a date with an important client, but still, your appearance is very important in your line of work! That’s the reason why having a good seamstress can save you and your budget and can make you look a million bucks without actually having to spend all that money on a gorgeous attire!

Try different seamstresses till you find the right one for you and when you do find her, stick to her like bread and butter, because she will be your secret asset in the dating business.

5.      Always make friends with your accountant

Having a good accountant helps you put all your questionable income in order and also legitimize it. Talk to your accountant and if he is a trustworthy person, you can also confide in him regarding your escorting activity. This way he will manage to help you with tax deductions, by putting many of your expenses, like transportation and clothes on your “business”.


Having some well-placed friends can ease your life and help you gain some extra time for yourself and for the things that you love. So, invest in these people and enjoy the benefits of some really helpful go-to guys!

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SABINE LECLAIR - SENSUAL, SEXY: 28 July 2017, 19:34

Well, when Ingo into any hotel, I simply act like I belong. It has worked so far for me. I usually will laugh and joke with the concierge on my way out or simply give the appearance that I am not from the area. Often, I will ask questions about local cuisine etc..
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