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V Day stands for Vagina Pampering Day

3 comments 07 Feb 2020





This year V Day stands for Vagina Pampering Day!

You plan on having a busy Valentine’s Day, with lots of activities and dates booked with your favorite clients, or you intend to lay low and have this day to yourself? Either way, this year it’s time to show some love to your lady parts, especially your vajayjay!

Yes ladies, you’ve heard it right, among all the waxing, hair styling, nail polishing, facials, and massages, it’s about time to give your vagina a well-deserved rest during a special Vagina Pampering Spa Day!

Give your vagina some love after the busy winter holiday period that has just ended and take care of your lady bits so that you can feel and look like a million bucks during Valentine’s Day.

1.      Learn to properly clean your vulva

Your vagina does a pretty good job self-cleaning, but there are a few things that we should know on how to properly keep this delicate area squeaky clean. First of all, do not use a loofa or anything harsh on this sensitive surface. Your hands and some warm water are enough, and also remember not to over-wash your vagina because you will end up removing all the natural oils that are protecting it.

By washing your labia once a day with warm water and special pH soap you get rid of all dead cells and bacteria in the area.

Keep in mind that:

During your menstrual cycle, your blood has a 7 – 8 pH, the same pH as semen, while the vagina has a 3.5 – 4.5 pH. So, it’s safe to say that menstruation and sex are disrupting the natural pH of your vagina. Washing it properly you manage to restore the natural pH of your cooch.

2.      Cotton is always the best option

Although during your dates you are required to wear sexy, luxurious underwear made of silk, lace or even leather, when buying underwear try to buy panties with a cotton crotch, and during your free time, always switch to cotton undies for comfort and better intimate health, because cotton is a breathable, natural fabric.

Also, go full on “panties off mode” during the night, because this way you allow your pussy to breath and you make sure that any kind of moisture that may appear down there, will not be trapped in your panties.


And now for the “big guns”:


3.      Opt for a vajacial

Your face isn’t the only one in desperate need of a facial now and then, your vajayjay also needs some pampering to look deliciously inviting 😊. So, when you book a facial, make sure to also plan a vajacial for your pussy.

A vajacial is meant to remove the ingrown hair down there and to sooth the skin, by properly cleaning, exfoliating and moisturizing it. Keep in mind that a pussy that just had a vajacial may score more points with your date and you will be the one cashing the reward.

4.      Make your vag look all pink and cute again

You want your vagina to look young and pinkish again? Then go for a vaginal bleaching! This is a long-term process, with the results visible after a week, and implies using a skin lighting cream rich in vitamin C and kojic acid.

5.      A hot sauna for your pussy

Vaginal steaming is a thing in Asian countries, and it starts to gain terrain all around the world. The idea of giving your vagina a warm, steamy sauna treatment seems quite right, doesn’t it? If you benefit from the relaxing effects of a hot sauna, why wouldn’t your pussy do the same? So, this is something that you can do at home, but look out not to burn yourself by making it to hot!

All you need is a bowl of steaming herbs like mugwort and wormwood to sit over, letting the steam reach your lady parts. It is said that this vaginal steaming helps tighten your vajayjay, while cleaning the area. Sounds appealing, right? So, give it a try and let us know if it worked out for you!

6.      Rejuvenate your vagina

Make your lady parts nice and tight, just as new, with some help from a non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation technique. Radio frequency works by stimulating the body’s natural collagen rebuilding process, tackling vaginal laxity this way. The procedure involved inserting a thumb size device into the vagina, that delivers impulses to the collagen fibers in the tissues around.

7.      Make your labia nice and plumy again

If you have droopy labia, and you just can’t stand the way they look, opt for labia rejuvenation. This involves using fillers to temporary plump your labia. The effect may last for a year, so plenty of time for your dates to enjoy your pussy’s new look.


Choose the ideas that sound more appealing to your vagina’s needs and offer yourself a great Vagina Pampering Day. Let us know what worked best for you and if your dates were impressed with your gorgeously pampered pussy. Have a great Valentine’s Day, ladies!


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mlarry6067: 16 February 2020, 07:28

This is what it's all about
Caramel Kash: 23 February 2020, 11:15

I love the V Day pampered tips I use a few ALREADY and enjoy my clients interest. Thanks for sharing!
Mark Joseph: 27 February 2020, 00:47

Омолодить вагину поможет только крепкий живой член.
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