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6 Best Ways to Get Rid of a Hickey

no comments 22 Nov 2018

You’ve probably had your fair share of hickeys by now, right dear escorts? They can be really annoying if you accidentally meet one of your friends or relatives and they ask what happened to your neck. Wearing turtlenecks to conceal the marks doesn’t always work, especially during summertime when the ...

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9 Best Thanksgiving Tips and Tricks

1 comment 12 Nov 2018

Not too long to go until Thanksgiving, dear escorts! If you have plans to welcome your favorite client to dinner and you want to make it special, we’ve got you covered with a couple of useful tips and tricks. Thanksgiving may be a reason to celebrate and eat delicious foods, ...

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7 Foods to Avoid If You Want Better Sex

1 comment 01 Nov 2018

You’ve probably heard by now that there are certain foods which are used to boost a girl’s and a guy’s libido. They have aphrodisiac properties and they turn sex into a much more pleasurable and fun experience. Two of these miracle aids are chocolate and oysters. Food plays a crucial role ...

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7 Tips to Make Halloween Memorable

3 comments 22 Oct 2018

Who’s excited for Halloween? We sure are! If you share our sentiment, we bet you’re looking for ways to make this month’s spooky event a memorable one for you and your client(s). For companions, Halloween is the day when they can get as wild as they want when it comes to ...

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5 Basic Rules for New Escorts

3 comments 11 Oct 2018

Has the idea of becoming an escort been floating in your mind for a while now? If it’s something you see yourself doing for a couple of years or more, go for it. It’s a super fun profession with lots of rewards, especially financial ones. You’ll meet so many new ...

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