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Blocking – Protect your Privacy and Target your Ideal Clients

4 comments 07 May 2014 was designed as a great landing platform for escorts and agencies everywhere, who want to expand their business using the most advanced and user-friendly web tools available on the internet today. We understand, however, that putting yourself out there in the virtual world can have its toll on your anonymity. This is why we have developed a particular device aimed at protecting your privacy, as well as helping you in targeting your ideal clients.


After logging into your Escortbook account, go to Settings and then to Country Block. This is where you can block any country you fear might cause you harm. For example, if you have Arab origins and you fear the Muslim community might seek you out, simply block predominantly Muslim countries. This will ensure that anybody with an IP from those countries will be unable to access your site. If you’re interested in escorting foreigners or do not want friends or family to find your website, simply block your own country. You won’t be able to see your site either while you’re state-side, but you can view it as a Preview from yourEscort Control Panel.


If you only want to block a handful of people – your parents or children, for example – you can block their IP address. However, finding this address out can be tricky as each device is assigned a different one and changes constantly. To ensure your privacy, we do not recommend you rely on blocking this solely. However, if you want to go ahead with this, just go to from that person’s laptop or PC, if you have access to them, and write down the IP address the site gives you. Check back, if possible, at a later date to see if the address has changed. To block that person’s IP address on Escortbook, simply go to SettingsIP Block and write down the numbers provided.


Our Blocking tool, however, isn’t solely designed to protect your privacy. You can also use it to target your ideal clients. For example, if you’re willing to travel, and are looking for a particular type of customer or, rather, you believe that a particular type of patron would be interested in you, you can block all countries except the ones you’re focused on. For example, if you only cater to rich businessmen, you can concentrate your efforts on the United Arab Emirates and Monaco. It depends on your ideal client. In the same line, you can advertise on escort directories aimed at those countries in order to get directed traffic.


Focusing on a particular region of the world and protecting your privacy is easy with Escortbook. Feel free to share with us in the comments section your thoughts on our blocking tool and how you have found it useful, as well as any questions you have regarding it. If you have any proposals for future articles, we’d love to hear those too! 

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Leeza: 5 July 2014, 11:06

Privacy is important
Lovefox: 31 July 2014, 20:26

Quanta bella gente qui!
NaughtyNicole: 4 October 2014, 23:36

thank you for this. This is one of the two reasons I switched to escortbook I have a stalker and blocking his IP address helps keep him from using my site as another harassment tool
Andréabi: 26 November 2014, 10:11

very interesting !! I will go to this part of my site to block some countries !
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