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7 Foods to Avoid If You Want Better Sex

1 comment 01 Nov 2018

You’ve probably heard by now that there are certain foods which are used to boost a girl’s and a guy’s libido. They have aphrodisiac properties and they turn sex into a much more pleasurable and fun experience. Two of these miracle aids are chocolate and oysters.

Food plays a crucial role in our libidos. If you eat the wrong one, there will be annoying consequences for you and your partner(s). One of them is stinky breath and no one wants that, especially in the heat of passion. We’re here to help you prevent unpleasant situations both before and during hot and heavy moments. Let’s see what foods you must absolutely avoid if you want a memorable date!

Garlic and onions

These two are responsible for many failed encounters between escorts and their clients. If you eat some a couple of hours before you meet your customer, your breath will smell really bad. Garlic in particular is known to exude through all our pours and the smell will go on for hours after we’ve eaten it.

Canned tuna, coffee, and dairy products

No guy or lady will want anything to do with you if you’ve eaten one or all of the above. Coffee has sulfur compounds which make your mouth dry and smell nastily. Dairy foods give off a sour odor which has the tendency to last longer than a couple of hours. Canned tuna also sends off a strong smell of fish, so stay away from it.


Who doesn’t love a cocktail or a glass of wine during a romantic date? Alcohol helps you feel more relaxed and prone to intimate discussions. If you’re thinking of drinking more than one glass, stop. In case you’re a female companion, drinking too much alcohol will make you fall asleep and if you’re a male provider you won’t enjoy successful erections at all.

Cabbage and broccoli

Broccoli and cabbage belong to the cruciferous veggie group, which also includes kale, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, bok choy, and many more. You have to steer clear of them if you don’t want to diminish your sex drive.

Even if they have lots of vitamins, these vegetables will invariably make you gassy and bloated. We recommend eating only a very small portion if you’re on a date with a client.

Foods with lots of fat

A big portion of French fries or a steak will make you look for the nearest bed to doze off. Fat intake should be limited if you want to have fun between the sheets without regretting it later because you were too exhausted to do anything spectacular.

Hot pepper

Salsa, spicy tacos, and so on taste really good, don’t they? Plus, they’re really healthy, because they contain capsaicin. The latter is a component that gives you a burning sensation inside your body. Which is good, because it relieves arthritis and nerve pains. However, the capsaicin will give you profuse sweating episodes, and we don’t want that during a session, do we? It’s one thing to sweat because your partner makes you feel amazing, it’s a completely different thing to do it because of peppers!


Delicious treats satisfy our brains and give us the energy we need to survive another day. Unfortunately, this boost lasts only a few hours, after which we will feel tired again. If you don’t want to experience that before your booking, don’t give in to the temptation coming in the form of a bar of chocolate or some Hershey kisses.

We suggest going for whole what crackers mixed with hummus. You could also try a sandwich instead or whole grains. You’ll feel fresh and alert when you need it the most.


Do you know of other foods that kill the mood so that we can stay away from them? Looking forward to your answers 😊

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Sensual Kelly Leuven: 6 November 2018, 00:21

Thank you 🤗🤗🤗
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