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Best Sex Positions to Use With Tall Clients

4 comments 20 Feb 2019

Have you ever dealt with height differences during your dates and found it kinda off-putting? You’re not the only one. Being with a partner who’s either shorter or too tall compared to you can make sexy times feel like a chore. Which is why many of you choose to ask for the height of a potential client beforehand.

If you’re a newbie or you don’t necessarily wanna know how many feet (or centimeters) a customer has and you prefer to deal with it when the time comes, we’re here to help. How? By telling you of the best sex positions to use with tall guys or gals.

1. Spooning

Besides being a more intimate approach to banging, spooning is perfect if your man or lady has many inches or centimeters on you. And besides, you can easily switch from a slower action to something faster and rougher on the spot.

Tell your date to lie on their side while you simultaneously do the same. Once everyone is in position, let the man know he can penetrate you. Or if your client’s a lady, tell her she can insert the strap-on inside your vagina or ass. Your G-spot will receive the care it deserves, and you’ll be in heaven! Spice it up by and putting your hands on their bottoms and squeezing them as they thrust.

2. Special doggy style

Tabletop doggy is something you should try on your next booking with someone taller than you. Don’t worry, it’s as pleasurable, if not even more so, as the usual doggy sex position.

Move either to the kitchen or the bedroom, find a counter, and bend over it. Your client will slip their dick inside, and the both of you will experience the sweetest orgasms ever. We recommend letting the guy or girl you’re with grab your legs and lift them while they penetrate you.

3. Reverse cowgirl

Another spot-on position for your tall friend is the reverse cowgirl. They’ll see your amazing booty while you bounce on their penis and you’ll enjoy a bed-shattering climax.

The best way to do it is to have him or her lie on their backs while you mount with your back to them. All settled? Let the grinding begin. That G-spot of yours will have the time of its life, and you along with it!

4. You on top

Missionary is a no-no when you’re with a tall customer. If you’re petite, you’ll end up staring at their chest instead of enjoying what they’re doing. You don’t want to crane your neck looking for their eyes while they thrust away, right? Once you’re the one on top, things will become way hotter.

Once again, have your partner lie on their backs on the bed and climb on their penis. Make sure their hips meet yours for that extra pleasure. You could also sit up straight and tell your client to make you wet using their hands as you grind away.

5. The bridge position

Do you love deeper penetration, particularly with someone taller than you? The bridge is the answer you’ve been looking for. Make sure your customer has the physical strength for this, otherwise it will get embarrassing real quick.

Your client needs to sit down with their legs bent at the knees. Next, tell them to place their hands back. You will then have to sit on their legs and face them. Throw your legs over their shoulders while you simultaneously hug their neck. Your date should start to rise gradually and hold you on their body while leaning on their hands and feet.

Do you know of other sex positions when your partner is taller than you? We can’t wait to hear from you on this topic, dear escorts 😊

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Luxandra DT: 22 February 2019, 12:20

Hmm The Pedestal is really nice one :P ... Get a couple of pillows and lie on your side with the pillows under your hips. Bend your knees and curl up; you will be arrayed there pretty fucking irresistibly. This also gives your partner unfettered access to gently rub your clit as they thrust comfortably from behind. You can google it to see a picture if you can't understand the text :P
Luxandra DT: 22 February 2019, 12:21

And another one that I found out today :)) The X-Rated ... If a belly is preventing "access" where you need it most, try this workaround. He lies on top, sliding P into V, then he slides over about 45 degrees so you're forming an X. Do the pivot slowly, hold him inside of you with your hand, and do one hell of a Kegel squeeze to ensure a smooth transition. Once situated (phew), you can push your legs together for a tighter squeeze or open wide and tilt your pelvis up for deeper penetration.
BD Escort Provider Male and La: 25 February 2019, 01:38

If a belly is preventing "access" where you need it most, try this workaround. He lies on top, sliding P into V, then he slides over about 45 degrees so you're forming an X. Do the pivot slowly, hold him inside of you with your hand, and do one hell of a Kegel squeeze to ensure a smooth transition
Milkmaid Suzanne: 10 March 2019, 19:36

I am 5'11, and in heels taller!! I've only had a few clients that were taller. Adore riding!!
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