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Holiday First Aid Kit Essentials

0 comments 17 May 2019

Great news: summer is just around the corner, dear escorts! Have you already made plans for the perfect getaway? Will you go with your friends and forget your worries or are you booked for a date with your favorite client because you just can’t say no to him/her? Whatever you decide to do and whoever you decide to do it with, here’s to enjoying yourself to the max.

However, even if you know where you’re headed and what you’ll do once there, there are some other things to think about. Like “what if an insect bites me?” or “what should I do if I get a sunburn?” Well, we got you covered with today’s tips and tricks.

Red eyes and sleepiness

Every time you opt for an exotic location for your travels, get ready to spend hours upon hours in one place: an airplane. As soon as you reach your destination and you’re in your hotel room, you’ll feel your eyes being all dry and you’ll see that they’re red. To take the pain away, we recommend a pack of artificial tears, but don’t forget to opt for those that are preservative-free.

Apart from red and dry eyes, you can also expect to feel super tired because of the usual culprit in such cases: a jet lag. No one likes it, but fortunately there’s a really good solution to fight it: melatonin tablets. As a rule of thumb: consult your doctor on how many to pack with you, how often to take them, and when to take them.

Insect trouble

When you’re in a country where humidity levels are through the roof, you will invariably encounter lots of eeky insects that tend to bite. If you get stung, swallow an antihistamine tablet. It’s a good idea to ask your health professional which one works best for you. To avoid being bitten, try a special spray that you can get from a pharmacy.

Getting sunburnt

The sun, the sea, the waves… who doesn’t love them? Well, your skin will definitely not like the former if you spend too much time in it. If you want to enjoy getting a good ol’ dosage of vitamin D, you’d better stoke on some sunblock with SPF 30 (or higher).

In case you’re not a fan of sunblock, but you don’t want to get sunburns, we suggest packing gels with Aloe Vera. Essential oils are also amazing, with lavender and chamomile being fan favorites. Are your eyelids sunburnt? Take a couple of teabags, soak them in some cold water, then apply them on the areas that hurt. For sunburnt lips, petroleum jelly works wonders.

Another advice would be to take cool baths if your skin is red and it hurts. Drink lots of water to keep hydrated, too.

Say no to diarrhea

Imagine this: you’re in a dream spot and you want to go out and have fun, but your tummy has other plans. Like sending you to the loo with a case of diarrhea. Not very pleasant, is it? 

Imodium swoops in to save the day. This particular drug is going to make stools less watery than usual. Ask your doc about it first. If everything’s OK, buy some and take them with you on your vacation.

Another good option would be to have some rehydration sachets at the ready. These are great at replacing both the water and the salt lost after you come out of the loo.

How about you, dear escorts? Do you have other tips when it comes to solving health problems that might appear on a holiday? Let us know in the comments section below 😊


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