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Improve The Text On Your Site To Get More Traffic

0 comments 22 Nov 2014

Naked Girls in KitchenIt’s time to write and update your sites, dear escorts! And we’ll explain why. Imagine you’re a client looking for a companion. Maybe it’s your first time, maybe it isn’t, but the truth is you’re just not that familiar with listings, nor do you have one particular escort you’re loyal to. You’re on the market and you go to Google and you type in whatever it is you’re looking for. Maybe it’s ‘Los Angeles ebony escort’ or maybe it’s ‘Amsterdam BBW escort’ – you get the point. These are called keywords and they help search engines find the right results for every inquiry.


You know them, you’ve used them, but have you really profited from them? The thing is you could very well be an ebony escort in Los Angeles or a BBW escort in Amsterdam, but if these words don’t appear anywhere on your site, clients will never find you based on them. Google doesn’t instinctually know what you’re all about. And with the busy holiday season so close, it’s high time you took a much-needed second look on your sites, and see what needs improving! Without any further ado, here are a couple of key elements you should look for:


1. Keywords, SEO – It’s important that, before you start writing your description, you sit down and jot every single keyword you can think of that is representative of your services. Once you really get them all down, you can start being picky. If there are a ton of ‘blonde’ escorts in your area, maybe that isn’t the best keyword to choose. Make a combination between the most common keywords that describe you (which are usually the most searched for), but also opt for a couple of traits that set you apart – like if you are an ebony escort in a predominantly white competition pool.


Now you can write your description using these keywords. Use them all, several times, but make sure your text is coherent and original. Don’t copy it from anywhere and don’t make it sound spammy! Google loves original content. Update your description every two months at least, so search engines keep indexing you with new content. This way you can also see what works best in terms of keywords.


2. Text everywhere – Okay, you’ve got your description down now, but that’s not enough. See if you can introduce some of your keywords in your other site pages as well. Again, remember not to be spammy. Just take advantage of the free text space to place some SEO-friendly sentences in.


Yes, even your rate pages need text. It’s not enough to set your prices and services. You should also inform your future customers about other things, such as what things you’re not willing to do and that they shouldn’t ask about them or, on the contrary, invite them to propose other activities when they contact you and who knows what you two could work out? Put yourself in the shoes of a first-time client. He has no idea what anything means or stands for or how an escort encounter is supposed to go. Write it all down for them!


Naked Girl in Kitchen3. Keep a Blog – Apart from being a great way to take advantage of all those awesome keywords that represent you and that can’t wait to get some Google lovin’, a blog is an awesome tool to attract loyal customers. Clients, once they’re done talking (we all know how escorting can become a form of therapy for some) or if they’re shy, love to hear about your life. Of course, not your real life necessarily, but escort life your lead in their minds. They want to hear about the parties you attend, your travels, about how you like to cook naked ever since your escort friend from Italy told you about how awesome it feels! Make up stories, be creative, invent your escort persona, and then write about it!


Say you’re writing about this (supposed) cooking naked habit of yours. Add a selfie with a little sideboob and a kiss-the-cook apron next to your text, and you’re gold! You don’t even need to know how to cook. All you’re doing is keeping your clients alert and interested because you’re making yourself so much more interesting. You’re showing them you’re real person, but so much better than their boring girlfriends! *wink* It doesn’t have to be true because, after all, you’re a salesperson, and we all know they’re not always honest. But as long as your clients are happy and excited, it’s all good!


Overall, don’t think of it as a chore. Have fun with the texts on your site, be open and creative, and turn your escort persona into the seductive mistress you’d really love to become!
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