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Spot the time wasters! Don’t let them mess up your holiday bookings

11 comments 24 Dec 2021

Vague messages, dirty pics, a lot of texting and no real action…we are all too familiar with time wasters, that type of “client” that contacts you without having any intention at all to book you for a date, but instead ends up wasting your time and drains you of energy.

There are a lot of time wasters out there, and for a novice escort, it can be a little overwhelming to figure it out from the very beginning who is the real deal and who is just messing with you and wasting your time without any real intentions.

That’s why we come in your aid with a few red flags that, if you run across, should signal you that something is off with the person you are chatting. If you spot any of the following warning signs, make sure to cut the chat short and look for some real signs that the two of you are looking for the same thing, and that’s to book a date.

     1.     The abbreviations and bad grammar dude

If the guy sending you a text message or email is using a lot of abbreviations and is just dropping a question poorly written, that’s a major red flag. We are talking about questions such as “how u doing?”, “u avail?”, and so on. Dropping a question, in a really bad grammar, with lots of useless abbreviations is a sign that you are dealing with a time waster, not a potential client. So, the best way to handle such individuals is not waste your time by engaging in conversation.

2.     The dick pic guy

Yeah, those guys, the ones that consider that sending you a couple of (unflattering, in most cases) dick pics, is a proper way to start a conversation with an escort or any woman at all. The dick pic guy is just trying to jerk off by imagining just how blown away and aroused are you by his junk, he won’t book you, and if he does, he may even cause you problems by trying to get extra services for the money paid, or by not wanting to pay at all.

3.     The photo collector

These are the time wasters that are trying to get you to send them naked photos of yourself, or selfies. Ladies, stop wasting your time and talk to these guys, they are feeding of your energy and not fiving anything else in return. You have plenty of sexy, enticing, clear photos displayed on your profile, so for him to ask for some more is just a big, fat red flag. Tell him to get lost or send him to spam.

4.     The questions askers

If a guy booked you for a date but then comes and starts bombarding you with all sorts of questions, that ladies is a clear sign that he is not actually going to honor the booking. Questions such as “can we shower together?”, “do you provide massage, also”, “what services are you offering”, addressed after the details of the booking are being all set, are not a good sign, because these are all questions that an interested client would ask in advance. If you find yourself talking with such guy, the “question asker”, after answering his questions make sure to make him re-confirm the booking.

5.     The vague, bait guy

If a guy contacts you, but instead of making the actual booking starts dangling “carrots” so that he can hook you, that my darlings is a time waster. If he comes with lines such as “I can’t wait to be your regular”, “I am thinking about booking you for a future vacation”, “I want to book you for an entire weekend but first …”, ladies run as fast as you can. A guy interested in booking you, does just that, or someone looking for a regular escort, he starts by seeing you first and only after that first encounter, he starts talking about turning things into a regular situation.

These are the “maybe”, “might”, “could”, “would” guys, that keep it vague, letting you think that they’re about to book you and you’re about to score a “big fish”, but are not doing anything to close the deal with you.



What other type of time waster do you know, or have met during the years? We can’t wait to hear your stories and learn more tips on how to spot a time waster, before spending too much energy on him.

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Lvegasbabee: 29 December 2021, 23:42

Yes I recently dealt with a "time waster" another thing to be leary of is if the guy tells you exactly what it is he wants you to wear (like a mini skirt with a garter and stockings red thong black bra under just a long coat smh) then wants a picture of you in the outfit before you arrive and only gives you cross streets not an actual address until he "knows what his date is looking like" RUN!
Olivia: 3 January 2022, 14:00

Thank you, yes for girls starting out they are difficult to spot, I get plenty of them to the extent where I have to block the majority of them. As an independent escort answering texts, emails and phone calls is a job in itself and extremely draining to say the least, I know. But Yh the guys who really want to book are straight to the point, bang done finished in a few text messages.
Williamsanita4348: 4 January 2022, 08:21

I'm into making out, sucking, fucking, (no actual "type"). Oral vers/anal BOTTOM, group scenes, kinky, 69, fetish, assworship, blowjobs anal and oral sex... Anybody can host. ~ daytime host. ~ evening travel. $150 30 mins $250 (out-call)1 hour $120 car date/short stay $450 2 hours $1200 all night 50% upfront payment before hookup, the balance after the fun and it’s negotiable. Text me (609) 316-2935
Alinasweetie: 8 January 2022, 07:28

Ho my god! I am so glad i took the time to read this ! I work as an independant and i dont know any other girl independant like me that does this job , so for me , one of the "hard part" is the loneliness, and having no oine to talk about my day at work that does understand what i am dealing with. i talk with friend and it makes them laugh a lot, but its not the same as talking with someone from the same "scene"if i can say,sorry my anglish is not the same. Anyway what i wanted to say is that i had allready establish these "factor" like , with my own experience ( and god i have been wasting my time so much when i began!), and basically it is much the same , guy who ask picture : fuck it, guy who want to send pic of theire fdick go own dush haahah : and delete...! you will see blablalbla i wil do this and you will be so glad to have me in your life but i dont want tonpay i want to threat you and pamper you, yeah well, for the moment i wasted 4 hour and the resukt i still am brok this moring plus you allreaddy seem to be invading intrusive and controling and we didnt met yet fuck it. etcetv etv.. I am glad i am not crazy with these factr in reality it is confirm! i have a question , i am alway questonning myself about : should i blocked these individual, or just register theminto my black list? Because , most of them alway ending up contacting me again after a while they forgot and they are dumb and think everyone is dumb like them i guess, but my point is, if i block them at some point they will notice and just changed their phone number right ...? isnt it better to keep them talking but just ignore them or barely answer , at least i know which fucker i am dealing with if the perosn change phone number i have to do the process of filter again...
The HEAD Doctor!: 11 January 2022, 13:49

Those that aren't coming to your area for another month, but are already contacting you and end up questioning you to death. What will you wear, what should they wear, what's my favorite this and that. Drive me crazy! Then, last minute the work trip cancelled or reschedule... BULLSHIT! Now, I tell them to book appt then they may check the morning of with questions, that way it's fresh on both it minds! Lol. Works great!
Layla Alexis Valentine: 13 January 2022, 18:52

Guys that only want to talk about long term financial/material support. They try to feed you a great feast of solutions to what they believe are your needs and wants long term but they never book and weeks down the road they are still promising you a car, better phone, new outfits, or outta that shitty hotel you currently work out of.
joanne: 20 January 2022, 19:14

Very true all of that ! Or they are vague and don’t answer questions. And don’t remember where they found me after just finding my ad
Ashleigh: 23 January 2022, 20:39

Now as soon as someone texts me, I run their phone number through Mr Number (app) and if they are a habitual time waster, then there will be at least one report (usually a handful) of them being a time waster, pic collector, or address collector. I highly recommend all independent escorts get this app and check the number as soon as you get a call/ text. It’s saved me a lot of headache, and if there is no report for someone that is a time waster, I will take the time to write one myself and hopefully save someone else from the headache
shnnmrph: 31 January 2022, 14:27

The guys that ask about GFE right off the rip. And go into detail describing exactly what they want you to do to them and exactly what they want to do to you. Guys who asked questions like I'm looking for a different type of escort or I'm looking for somebody who does something out of the box. Anybody who asks about anal, bareback is always the next question. Guys who want to video chat with you for free or want to verify with you days in advance, providing you do video verification
SummerxStar: 17 February 2022, 16:10

This was so factually written. I can co-sign this entire blog and say I know, met, and dealt with every single one of these kind of wasters of my time. It took me awhile at first to be able to spot it out right away, so by the end of my work day, I was exhausted, pissed off, and didn't want to pick up my phone to NOT EVEN my friends because those guys had drained me of all my energy I had for the phone. Thank goodness today, I'm a little more experienced, so I don't get reeled in, in those ways as often anymore. I'm glad this was put out there for a maybe less-experienced escort, please save her the headache!
Alison Diamond: 4 February 2023, 15:40

Oh there are a variety of time waster. All of the above are real red flags. Then you get the ones that are a bit more difficult to spot. They make an appointment and then cancel a few minutes before the appointment. If he is contacting you at 5 minutes before he is supposed to arrive to say he can't make it. He wasn't intending to come. . Then you get those that cancel repeatedly. After the third cancellation I let them know that unfortunately they have made a name for themselves as untrust worthy and that future appointments will require a deposit as confirmation of attendance. One major red flag is if the person contacting you is rude and obnoxious like I want to fuck or any other vulgar type of language. They either wasting your time or will cause you trouble during your appointment. The last thing is these people that ask if you are alone......for two reasons this is a red flag. The first is that they asking a question that he doesn't need to know. The second reason and usually follows with me and a friend. Be firm yet polite in refusing any of the above people politely telling them that they better off looking elsewhere for what they seeking. Have an awesome day further. Why be polite? So that nobody can point a finger and say you rude. They can't turn it on you and make you a target ....Be safe out there ladies.
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