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Use Social Media to Get More Exposure: Escorts on Twitter

0 comments 25 Apr 2014

With nearly everyone on the Internet today, social media has not only become an important tool in an individual’s personal life, but also a great instrument in growing and maintaining a business. Escorting is no different in this sense, but it is clearly a much more delicate niche that needs to be considered.


One of the best social media sites to use in promoting your escort business is definitely Twitter. Where Facebooks prohibits any kind of nudity, Twitter only looks down upon obscene or pornographic imagery in profile photos, header photos or your page’s background. So, as long as you keep those in your gallery only, you’re good to go!


Similarly to Facebook, however, stay away from promoting your services directly. Depending on your country, your business might not comply with all local laws. Keep your pricing and contact info on your site, and use Twitter for staying in touch with fellow escorts or clients only.


This last part is where Twitter really comes in handy because, unlike sending out e-mails, you can easily let your customers know when you’re touring or what dates you’re free on the following month. It’squick and easy to update and it rounds out your image as a reputable service provider in the 21st century. It’s also mobile-friendly and simple to use from anywhere and at any time.


You can also follow your fellow escorts and learn from them, from the type of posts they make and who they follow. Find new possible clients and new directories that you could register on and keep your older customers interested with new photos of you and sexy messages.


Remember to also use the ‘social media’ widget Escortbook offers you on your site to link to your Twitter account. While you’re at it, follow us @theescortbook on Twitter, leave us a message there with your Escortbook site/account name and we’ll follow back!


Social media sites can be a great PR tool as it gives your clients a peek into your personal life and personality. Tweet often, network, link back to your site and get your name out there! 

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